Sunday, 30 November 2014

Srevensia - Match Making Marauders = Cross Through ≡ Chapter 0

It was an evening at a cemetery.
“Father, I come to visit you again. The driver who crashed you into death has been sent for a jail sentence. May your soul rest in peace. But, can you tell me where is my mother?” A man with black short hair and large red spectacles knelt on the ground while he put a bouquet of sunflowers on a grave,” He suddenly turned around and saw a woman in long green hair taller than him crying. A few droplets of tears dropped from her chin onto a maid dress.

“I was too late….” She said while looking at the grave.

“What do you mean by that? What is your relationship with him?” He said in a harsh tone while clenching his fists.

“I once served your birth mother. She has died due to a hit and run incident a few days ago. You had a mother who had disappeared after your birth, right?”

“Indeed. May I know what her name is?”

“Heylean Herbert,” His face turned pale.

“Oh my goodness….” He turned to the grave and looked at the name carved onto the grave, “John Cartel,”.

“Dad…so what you have said is true….”

“I thought I could have brought him to see her….”

“Don’t be too sad about it. Anyway, you don’t seem like you are a local person,”

“Indeed. I am from Srevensia, an alien planet very far away from here,”

“So that’s why you have a green hair like this,” He smelled some mint fragrance. “There isn’t any mint plant around here….”

“Notice this?” She pointed at a green gemstone with a mint leaf inside it. “I am a mint symbolian and the scent comes from this gem,”

“I guess it’s time to….” He turned around and walked slightly past her, but she quickly turned around.

“Will you migrate with me? Your late mother has inherited a large sum of wealth for you. This includes my job as a maid,”

“Then, will you bring me to her grave?”


“If that’s the case, will you give me a week to get things settled? I have to leave my jobs to someone else and prepare for a new life,”

“Definitely. Let’s meet here a week from now,”

“Deal,” The two walked away from the grave. A new life awaits them….